how much should i pay to have decking

whats the proper composition for 60 card deck? - yu-gi-oh

tbh this is my first yugioh game (didnt have much of an idea how its played before playing this game) so my question (for a creature deck) 1how many low level creatures do you need inside the 60 card deck 2how many lvl5-6 or 7-8 monsters should you have in the deck 3 how many spell/ trap etc question 2 for magic deck (same question as above)

best monster-spells-traps deck ratio? - yu-gi-oh! 5d's tag

when you guys build your decks, what the ratio of monster, spell and trap cards you'd use? (aka how many of each type of card would you have in a deck) me, usually i'd try to keep it around 20-10-10 (monster-spells-traps) in a 40-card deck. i did make a couple of decks that have more spells than traps, and i may be feeling that that's leaving me pretty open for attack because i don't really

see how much garden decking costs [updated 2019]

garden prices. this guide forms just one part of our series on garden and driveway prices. explore our guide to patio prices here.. here we have explained the typical cost to replace a fence along with some example prices.. on this page, you can see how much block paving costs.. keep reading to see what the going rate is for garden decking.

cost to stain deck - 2019 cost calculator (customizable)

the cost to stain a deck starts at $1.83 - $4.39 per square foot, but can vary significantly with site conditions and options. get fair costs for your specific project requirements. see typical tasks and time to stain a deck, along with per unit costs and material requirements. see professionally prepared estimates for deck staining work. the homewyse deck staining calculator uses industry

how much does a average skateboard cost? - off-topic

how much does a average skateboard cost? this topic is locked from further discussion. deck, or full set? i can get sprayed pro boards for like 30, and a full set for like 120.

2019 average cost to stain a deck labor deck staining

how much to stain a deck? the price range of $540 and $1,050 depends on both the size of the deck and the type of stain you use. depending on its condition, you may need to budget for other steps first: a professional contractor will charge $0.50 to $2.50 per square foot of decking for a simple

how much energy to you typically have in your deck

with me personally i never make a deck with less than 20 usually about 25 to 30 energy cards of the same type, but it seems at lot of the people here go for much less in their decks. another thing worth mentioning is that i don't ever do multi-element decks. i realize that in real life this would getting pwn'd fast, but that's not an issue for me in this game.

handyman cost to re-stain a deck - handyman job pricing

how much would a handyman charge to re-stain a deck? to re-stain a deck the biggest block of time is spent preparing for the staining. power washing the deck, repairing any rotted or broken boards must all be done first. leaving the deck to dry for at least 48 hours after the pressure washing is a step that cannot be skipped.

2019 wood deck prices per square foot 12x20 deck cost

there are several factors that can affect the overall cost of a deck, so you should consider the full scope of a project when planning your budget. you should also make sure you get multiple quotes from contractors to compare prices, experience and overall understanding of your project. those who live elsewhere may pay even more to have