using large plastic water bottles as planters

30 mind-blowing ways to upcycle plastic bottles at home

since it takes several litres of water to produce just one 1-liter bottle, reusing plastic we already have is an excellent habit to get into. whether you are looking for greener ways to decorate your home and office, or just need some low-cost crafts, these functional and impressive uses for plastic bottles will get anyone excited.

how to make plastic bottle planters - one little project

i was inspired by these cat planters but decided to see if i could make an easier version that kids could do themselves. they may need help with cutting the water bottles, but can easily do the rest on their own they would be the sweetest gift idea for a teacher to put on her desk. plastic bottle planters

19 best ways to reuse a plastic bottle

rather than send your used plastic bottles through the waste stream, you can reuse plastic bottles in all sorts of creative, fun, and crafty ways here are 31 great ideas to get you started: diy plastic bottle planter from maiko nagao. ive reused plastic water bottles in my garden torches to hold the citronella fuel. i have to look

i fill up my planter boxes and large containers with plastic

use those cheap plastic pots the ones the plants are potted in when you get them at the nursery/garden center in the bottom of a large planter to provide good drainage and better airflow. fill large pots, save money - use some of those empty containers the plants come in from the greenhouse.

how to make hanging pot/planter using plastic bottles

to make a hanging pot using plastic bottles you need. 1. plastic bottles, 2. marker-pen, 3. rope, 4. anti-cutter, 5. fabric, 6. a scissor, visit blog site

got large pots? use plastic containers to fill extra space

foam packing peanuts work great for filling up the bottom of pots, but plastic containers work just as well. to fill up unused space at the bottom of your large container, simply add plastic recyclable containers or foam packing peanuts. how much should you fill your container? that depends on what you plant and how deep the roots will grow.

planting in deep planters / pots and how to make large

planting in deep planters / pots and how to make large planters lighter my neighbor taught me this trick after she purchased one of our corten steel planters. she uses empty plastic water bottles to fill up the planter about half way and then fills the planter up with dirt to the top.

7 ways to upcycle plastic bottles in the garden garden gate

from plant markers to hot water bottles under row covers and even bottle-cap pot feet, youve probably already found clever, yet simple, ways to use plastic bottles in the garden. but we have even more ideas for you rinse out and peel the label off a bottle.

plastic bottle planters with pictures

plastic bottle planters: around here we are always trying to find a second or third or fourth life for things before we recycle them or turn them into papercrete. i havent achieved the johnson familys success on not taking things into the house in the first place but

use plastic bottles to make pots lighter debra lee baldwin

i use plastic bottles to make large pots lighter before i add potting soil. it makes pots easier to carry, cuts down on the amount of soil needed, and is better for shallow-rooted succulents. before i plant any tall or large pot, i half-fill it with tightly capped empty water bottles.

3 ways to reuse plastic bottles for your garden - wikihow

plastic bottles fill up landfills and harm the environment. though recycling can help with this, turning plastic bottles into a recycling center is not the only way you can reuse them. there are many different ways to use plastic bottles in your garden.

fill planters with plastic bottles thriftyfun

i have large and small planters, they can be heavy and costly to fill with soil. this is a more cost saving and eco friendly idea. with recycled bottles in my planters and pots, it allows me to use less soil, and provides better drainage for my seasonal plantings.

plastic bottles beautiful vegetable garden ideas using

plastic bottles beautiful vegetable garden ideas using plastic bottles. plastic bottles beautiful vegetable garden ideas using plastic bottles flower garden ideas/plastic bottle planter /well

75 inspiring craft ideas using plastic bottles feltmagnet

plastic bottle crafts for kids, preschoolers and adults. craft project ideas using water and liter bottles. how to make crafts using plastic bottles. recycle ideas for children. make flowers, jewelry.

can i use plastic bottles in the bottom of large flower pots?

by filling the bottom of your pot with old plastic soda bottles, you are able to use considerably less potting soil than you would otherwise. depending on the plants you are growing, you can fill the large flowerpots half to two-thirds with capped soda bottles, water bottles or other containers of similar sizes.

how to use plastic pop bottles to water your indoor plants

how to use plastic pop bottles to water your indoor plants by nannette richford use a 20-oz. soda bottle to water houseplants automatically. step 1 wash and dry the soda bottles. for very large plants, you can use a 2-liter bottle, but for most plants in small-to-medium pots, a 20-oz. bottle is ideal.

what to put in the bottom of a large planter home guides

large planters can take bag after bag of soil. not only is all that soil expensive, but it's heavy. your planter can become difficult to move when filled with that much potting medium. the weight

how to make a plastic bottle planter wall - snapguide

how to make a plastic bottle planter wall based on a mini vertical planter snap guide made out of plastic bottles by leah simmons, but made to go on a wall. not sure if the plastic will last but i've got an evil possum who eats my seedlings