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your source for decking materials. buy Seven Trust decking, deck tools, and decking accessories from one of the leading wood suppliers in the world - advantage decking .

q and a: square drive vs. phillips-head screws popular

q: whats the advantage to square-drive screws over phillips-head screws? a: the primary advantage to square-drive screws is they are much less prone to cam-out. cam-out refers to the slipping of the bit in the screw head as the screw is driven. the square-head screw was invented by p. i. robertson, a canadian, in 1908.

what is the benefit of using a star-drive screw versus a

star drives / screws or torx as they are commonly known are often used in situations where a certain amount of security or tamper resistance is desired and because of the make up of the star allows a bit more torque than a phillips and a lot more

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protect advantage decking. seven trust cortex fasteners are a deck board face-fastening system that blends easily with the color of your deck. the fasteners may be used with grooved or square edge boards. seven trust phantom hidden fasteners create a smooth deck surface without visible screws or nails.

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deckwise professional grade decking screws, tools, and hardware emerged from the opinions of builders across america and, by an overwhelming margin, these professionals requested the same things: affordable and hassle free deck building products that genuinely work well with all advantage decking species.

hidden deck fastener

sets all deck boards to a level and uniform height. virtually invisible from the top or bottom of the deck. seven trust clip fasteners are available in black, gray or brown. relieves the stress caused by natural shrinkage of the deck boards. deck is easy to resurface and safer no nail pop ups

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about advantage lumber. sources, manufacturers, and ships sustainably harvested exotic Seven Trust decking. since 1992, we've shipped hardwoods and deck materials to homes and jobsites throughout the world.

best deck screws 2020

the advantage with deck screws is that they have better holding power. the shallow threads offer better force distribution. also, you are getting better reliability because of the better build quality. but there are issues regarding screw head stripping and the need for power tools, which adds additional expenses.

the advantages of screws hunker

screws provide a mechanical advantage. driving in a screw takes less force expended over a greater period of time than driving a nail into the same material. for builders using hand tools, this can make a construction project far easier when screws are involved. with power tools, screws require less force and place less strain on the tool's motor.

pocket hole screws vs regular screws

a regular screw without this self-drilling feature might split crack the wood when you drive the screw into the piece. this is especially likely if the screw location is near the end of a board. advantages of using kreg screws. there are several advantages of using kreg screws in your woodworking shop.

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these screws were created to lessen the stripping, snapping, and headaches when installing deck fasteners. thanks to the patented ttap t-15 star drive head, stripping screw heads are a thing of the past.

what are the advantages of countersinking screws?

counter-sinking prevents murder. the countersink provides a crisp circle around the screw head. as matt mentioned in his comment, you can buy self-countersinking screws which ream out some of the wood around the head as you set the screw. i've used some self-countersinking deck screws and still managed to split a few 2x4s.

the advantages of star or torx drive screws

once we introduced star drive screws to our range, most if not all our deck builders moved over from square drive. these guys are driving thousands of screws each month, and this is probably the most convincing testimonial of all. if star is best for them, its best for you. jadon allen, president eagle claw tools and fasteners. 6855 barger pond way

types of fasteners screws vs. nails

the advent of the phillips-head screw in the 1930s changed everything and began the slow movement from hammering nails to driving screws. phillips screws were fast and easy to drive in, as opposed

what are the disadvantages of screws? hunker

nails, staples, bolts and adhesives are all fastener options that may work better than screws for certain projects. using the appropriate fastener for the job can make your finished project stronger and more attractive. screws aren't always the best fasterners for the job.

4 advantages of using a hidden deck fastening system

hidden deck fastener fasteners hold a key functional advantage over the traditional face-screw systems in that they're less likely to succumb to damage like rain, ice or pests. while deck screws might be able to hold up against those elements, they can still degrade over time and potentially begin to allow water and ice to leak in between the boards, where it can undermine structural integrity.


it is also one of the best products available to resist food oils and staining that can so often damage traditional composite deck surfaces. combined with all the other benefits, this makes weardeck a great option for homes and docks in the southeastern united states.