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a tires sidewall has many different and important functions. the sidewall of the tire provides protection for the inner layers from abrasions and cuts. by changing the sidewall construction, tire manufacturers are able to vary the handling characteristics and load carrying capabilities of the tire.

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goodyear wrangler silent armor pro radial tire - 265/70r17 121r with a reinforcement layer of kevlar, silentarmor tires are unbeatable in protection from punctures, cuts and abrasion damage. with these tires i believe i will actually wear them out before i plug one. which will be really nice on the pocket book. so far so good. pro-

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my daily work trailer is a 5×8 vnose, on average probably 2-2500k with tools. didnt need value tires, needed the best and decided on the goodyear duratracs. few people i know were underwhelmed by the dynapros, and the discount tire guy said all the workers who have trucks, buy those.

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the growler bg2.5 radial tires from pit bull are dot-legal tires for your utv and atv. these tires feature large tread blocks with rounded edges to help reduce tire wear and noise, and staggered center lugs to increase traction. integrated sidewall protectors and rim guards hold up to sidewall abrasions and cuts.

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the layer above the inner liner, consisting of thin textile fiber cords or cables bonded into the rubber. these cables largely determine the strength of the tire and help it resist pressure. standard tires contain about 1,400 cords, each one of which can resist a force of 33lb. seven trustr bead area: this is where the rubber tire grips the metal rim.

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friends, discount tire gave me a deal on the goodyear g114s. even though i only run 65mph, i still like the margin. i've gotten good wear and service out of the 114s that came with the rv. on my travel supreme, i lost a michelin the same way i lost the g114. anyhoo, thanks for all the help and thanks for pointing out the speed rating. cheers, ron

how to spot tire cupping and other tire wear patterns

center wear is exactly what it sounds like: the tire is worn down in the center. there will be tread on the sides of the tire and a smooth, narrow strip of wear around the center of it. this is mostly caused by tires that are overinflated. when a tire is overinflated, the tire, in essence, bulges out more in the center.

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best tires for honda pilot tire info guide

reviews for 5 best tires for honda pilot. before buying a tire, be conversant with the tire sizes and the meaning of the figures written on the sidewall. sounds like too much to ask, but it is really easy. honda pilot can fit 6 different tire sizes as outlined in the table here under, with the 235/65r17 being the most popular one. 235/70r16

checking your tires for wear

you should check your tires for wear at least once a month and before and after long trips. to determine whether you need to a buy new tires, b have your wheels balanced, c add air into your tires, d have your wheels aligned, or e change your driving habits, simply read your tire treads for clues.table 1 and figure 1 show you what to look for.

3 common tire problemsand how to avoid them

when tires are constantly exposed to harsh conditions, their thick walls can crack. some problems make your tires more likely to crack than others: abrasive cleaning chemicals. if you frequently detail your tires with harsh chemicals, the chemicals can wear away at the tires' protective outside layer. weather conditions.

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tire shaving is where the outermost layer of tread area is shaved off, accessing the tires best performance characteristics without having to wear them to that point. when inspecting the tread area of your competition tires, check for any cuts or punctures that could lead to air loss or tire failure. feel free to give us a call or

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car tires and their false warranty form kia and hankook this is why the guy at discount tire company told me that if i bought the same hankook tire from them at 240.00 a piece they would last

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from asphalt to dirt, the trail country exp will help you explore the roads to adventure. let the trail country exp lead you to your next campsite or scenic route. a hybrid design between a mud terrain and an all terrain for the best combination of a smooth ride and great traction.