attach gate to concrete

how to install a chain link fence over concrete

if your property is located in an urban area you might need to know how to install a chain link fence over concrete. fence post installation usually assumes that you will dig a strht hole in the ground and fill it with cement mix.

how to install a fence post onto concrete - youtube

how to install a fence post onto concrete amazing gates and doors that you didn't know existed a beginner's guide to attaching things to concrete and brick - duration:

fix a wooden fence post to a concrete fence post

most concrete posts will have reinforicing rod running the length of the post, making it very difficult to attach fixings to. got a photo of posts, are these fence posts, if so will be unsuitable to hang a gate from,what's the overall width and height of these gates. diydave. as kiab said.

how to anchor wrought iron fence posts to concrete - sf gate

drill a hole into the concrete where the gate posts are to be located. use a special core drill that is able to drill into concrete without going all the way through the bottom of the material.

mounting wrought iron fence on top of concrete surface or wall

if its going in a concrete surface like a patio, you do not want to drill through the bottom. you need the rigidity of the sides and bottom to set your post. an iron gate and fence with posts core-drilled into the concrete patio surface. so which is the better option for mounting fence on a concrete surface or wall?

how to choose and use concrete fasteners, masonry screws

concrete, concrete block, mortar, brick, tile and stone. how to use: drill a pilot hole at the proper location with a hammer drill and masonry bit to the depth your screw will penetrate. tap the plastic anchor into the hole. it should fit snugly but drive in easily with a hammer.

how to build a fence on top of a concrete slab hunker

attach a driver bit to the combination hammer drill and switch the drill to the drill and driver setting position a post bracket over the screw holes. press the tip of a concrete screw through the bracket and into the screw hole. drive the screw into the screw hole to secure the bracket to the slab.

attaching a gate to a concrete post diynot forums

you can indeed drill them. i would be tempted to drill through the post in at least two places and use thru bolts to attach timber, from which you can hang your gate. they can shatter if not careful, so use a small drill bit first, then gradually a bigger one. that way you'll probably slide past any re-bar within.

hanging a wooden gate to a stucco wall home guides sf gate

related articles. attach two hinges to the gate, evenly spacing them from top to bottom. use either the screws that come with the hinges or 1-inch exterior wood screws. hold the gate against the post, line up the hinges with the post and drive similar screws to hold the gate.

page 1 attaching gates to post/pillar - allan block

to attach the gate/railing to the post/pillar use the typically provided mounting hardware or commonly used masonry/concrete anchor bolts such as wedge or lag - both are found at any big box or local hardware store.

how to anchor post to concrete howtospecialist - how to

how to anchor post to concrete. sand the bottom section with a band sander, it it doesnt fit in the anchors. attach the post in the anchor, tapping it slightly with a rubber mallet, until it sits properly into position, but dont drive in the lag screws yet.

how do i re-attach a metal gate to a cinder block wall

answers. fill the holes with concrete again and let it dry then drill a new set of holes for the hinges. attach metal anchors to support the bolts of the gate and your set.

how to fasten anything to concrete - popular mechanics

for attaching something relatively light to concrete, its hard to beat the speed and ease of hammer-set anchors. each anchor consists of an unthreaded pin set into a metal sleeve. simply drill a hole into the concrete, hold the fixture youre fastening over the hole, then use a hammer to tap the anchor into the hole.

how to hang a gate on a concrete block fence hunker

how to hang a gate on a concrete block fence step 1. latch a tape measure onto the bottom edge of the gate's bottom rail. step 2. stretch the tape measure from the block fence's base to the desired position step 3. d the pencil up the edge of the level to create a plumb line step 4.

how to install a fence on a concrete surface

in the case of a sidewalk, you will typically just install a gate at that point. when it comes to a concrete patio or pad however, you may need to install the fence partially, or entirely on the concrete pad. the good news is that we carry an array of post brackets to mount fence posts to concrete. below we will discuss a few ways to install a fence on a concrete slab.

attaching a gate to concrete block wall - concrete, stone

re: attaching a gate to concrete block wall a non rusting fastener is recommended, use a steel fastener, and it will rust out eventually, and fail. high quality stainless, brass, aluminum, or similar do work.

attaching redwood gate to block wall - concrete, stone

rebar in a core is pointless without filling the core with grout. attaching a gate to a block wall means that you will have a live load on the wall. in my experience, most mechanical anchors will eventually work loose from the gate action regardless of the use of a 4 x 4 post or hanging the gate directly to the wall.