how to make a concrete patio look better

how i made my patio look new again with olympic rescue it!

last year, i made an olympic-sized (pun-intended) effort to make over my back yard.. i took down ivy (which dumped bugs and dirt in my bra), sawed down branches, pulled out weeds longer than my arm, built a fence, found an entire toy store’s worth of balls and frisbees, and even dressed up my tiny patio with some new outdoor chairs and a couple planters.

what can i do to make my concrete patio look better

bricks, masonry, cinder block, paving & walking stones, asphalt and concrete - what can i do to make my concrete patio look better - i have a concrete patio in the front of my house with steps and

5 ways to add pizzazz to plain-jane concrete hgtv

"our main goal is to make the work look as realistic as the natural stone, tile or brick we are trying to replicate," bob says. though subtle earth-tone shades are popular for stamped pavements, concrete also can be the canvas for bolder, more vivid color schemes. if the existing concrete driveway or patio is in good condition (with no

6 concrete patio ideas to boost the appeal of that drab

1. build a stamped concrete patio “you can create beautiful concrete patio designs that resemble brick, flagstone, or cobblestone for much less than the real thing,” said rhianna miller, a

renew your concrete patio: how to stain concrete

concrete patio finishes. when it comes to concrete patio finishes, the stains are available at home centers in the paint section—the color is added just as with paint. one gallon covers 200 to 400 sq. ft. a gallon of sealer also covers 200 to 400 sq. ft. the color you choose may look slightly different after it’s applied.

10 concrete homes that don't look like bunkers - cbs news

10 concrete homes that don't look like bunkers. two-car parking garage, concrete patio, large kitchen and spa-like master bath with double vanities. there are some items you're better off

how to resurface your patio better homes & gardens

a wobbly, cracked patio can put a damper on summer fun. reclaim the space and help it look like new with our concrete resurfacing how-to. to give your patio a new lease on life, use a concrete overlay compound that adheres to existing concrete.

10 delightfully dorky ways to decorate your yard (pictures

the lovable droid is made from resin finished to look like concrete. read the article now you just need to design a matching patio table. 10 delightfully dorky ways to decorate your yard

what can i do to make my old concrete stoop look like new

resurfacing. resurfacing an old concrete stoop is a quick and cost-effective way to make old concrete look new again. first, rigorously clean the stoop with a concrete cleaning product and a

a fresh coat of paint - cbs news

a fresh coat of paint. you can change the look of that concrete around the home very easily. whether you choose to stain or paint your concrete, make sure the surface is free from dirt and

how to repair your cracked conrete and make your patio

in this video we show you how to repaint and cover up any cracks on any concrete service fast and easy fix (diy) contact me directly at davidblaine65