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metal wall profiles. a profiled wall utilises metal cladding with trapezoidal, sinusoidal or half round profiles fixed to the steel structure of a building, cladding can be produced in 6 different profiles which can be laid horizontally or vertically and can be manufactured from prefinished steel or aluminium in a vast array of colours, providing a wide choice of aesthetic finish.

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rainscreen systems are made from a variety of materials to provide a wide array of colors, textures and finishes to a building façade. the key aspect of a rainscreen wall is that the exterior veneer or 'cladding' stands off of the air/vapor barrier surface of the building structure. the cladding material sheds the majority of precipitation while the airspace behind allows moisture to drain

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rainscreens provide limitless design options for building façades while controlling moisture and reducing energy consumption. knight wall systems manufactures versatile, ventilated rainscreen attachment systems that accommodate an expansive array of cladding options.

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the equalization of pressure helps to form an effective barrier that prevents water from entering the area behind the cladding. metal rainscreen cladding systems . aluminum is an excellent choice of materials because it is lightweight, easy to install and it provides effective ventilation for rainscreen applications. aluminum will not rust and

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proteus is the leading designer and manufacturer of rainscreen cladding systems for building envelopes specialising in optically flat honeycomb bonded rainscreens. our rainscreen cladding systems can utilise an extensive range of materials such as copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, zinc, aluminium, porcelain ceramic and back painted

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the rainscreen cladding systems ccrs series utilize a perimeter extrusion attachment system that combines the drained back ventilated rainscreen cladding systems design that limits direct entry, prevents capillary action, manages cavity drainage correctly as it sheds and restrains the penetration of wind driven rain. rainscreen acm panels

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about the euroclad group. we are a leading international supplier of architectural metal building solutions to the construction industry. we manufacture highly engineered building envelope products including roof and wall cladding systems, insulated composite panels and rainscreen façades.

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modular metal panels. intercept modular metal panel systems interrupt conventional thought on rainscreen wall systems to inspire spectacular visual results. with countless combinations, colors and multiple finish options, intercept panels can inspire the artist at the core of every architectural designer. intercept

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established in 1982, sotech is a leading manufacturer of bespoke metal rainscreen cladding and architectural façade systems. the sotech optima range of engineered architectural metal façade systems includes cassette rainscreen panels, secret-fix rainscreen cladding panel options, pressed plank and extruded plank cladding, extruded products

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architectural metal solutions manufacture rainscreen cladding systems for our clients that are tailored to their individual needs. contact us for more information.

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metal cladding systems. metal is commonly used for non-structural, rain-screen cladding systems, where the priority is to provide protection from the elements as well as a striking external finish.thanks to its foldable, malleable nature, metal panels can be connected together and attached to a building in a wide variety of ways, each system offering different benefits in terms of construction

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the primary driver for a rainscreen cladding system is usually down to the visual impact of the building. but the desire for aesthetics has to be combined with performance; waterproofing the building and contributing to the overall thermal performance. there are three main types of rainscreen cladding /external wall cladding systems.

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rainscreen cladding is the attachment of an outer skin of rear-ventilated cladding to a new or existing building. the system is a form of double-wall construction that uses an outer layer to keep out the rain and an inner layer to provide thermal insulation, prevent excessive air leakage and carry wind loading.

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we specialize in spectacular exterior wall cladding systems designed to increase your buildings performance. northclad collaborates with our architect, developer and installer partners to create even the most complicated projects.

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understanding rainscreen wall systems. including seals around any penetrations such as fasteners that attach the rainscreen cladding. some rainscreen systems are installed with an escape at the top of the cladding, as well. metal building systems are often selected for large-sized structures, and with good reason.