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i demonstrate many popular techniques most of us lawn pro's use when using a stick edger to edge a lawn. there are a few lawn service tips and tricks thrown in as well.

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how to edge a lawn - edging using a power edger or weed wacker use your power edger or weed wacker primarily around sidewalks and footpaths. use your power edger along strht lines and right angles. walk holding the edging tool completely level and rigid. if you can, walk on the sidewalk or

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lawn edging with a string trimmer or weed eater : correct vs incorrect - duration: 17:14. lawn care life 229,042 views. 17:14. repair cement crack in driveway, fix patio to protect from water

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how to install plastic lawn edging - filling and setting edging fill the soil back into the trench. stomp along the curves of the edging with your feet. install a stake at every 5 feet 1.5 m along the edging. water the edging to settle the soil. backfill the edging into any gaps in the soil.

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to maintain the look, your lawn will require regular maintenance. the frequency depends on the time of year, the size of your lawn and how often you fertilize it. fortunately, edging a lawn is less time-consuming after the initial trim. start with weekly touch ups to see how quickly it grows, then adjust your schedule accordingly.

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step 5. if its garden beds youre edging, grab the spade and deepen edged cuts to about 4 to 6 inches if your flower beds are sunken. if raised, then choose a depth that works aesthetically for your bed. cut into the bottom from inside the beds for easy turf removal.

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edging shears are used when you dont have any excess soil or sod to remove from the edge of your lawn. you simply clip the long grass off the edge of the lawn and that is all. edging shears are more for people who are really on top of their game with regards to garden maintenance.

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how to edge a lawn 1. mow first. by mowing first, you know how short to trim grass along edges 2. flip the trimmer. to use a string trimmer to edge a lawn, flip the trimmer head 180 degrees, 3. follow the path. when edging along walks or driveways, walk on the hard surface as you edge. 4.

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just a short video on how i keep the garden edge looking crisp and clean check out my facebook page - /plantznthings?fref=ts che

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mulch some people create a mulch lawn edging. this is achieved by stripping grass from the outer edges of beds, borders and walkways and then filling them in with mulch. this type of lawn edging allows for flexibility in the event that the existing area changes in size or shape over time.

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supplies needed to install lawn edging mowing strips made with precast concrete pavers. interlocking-end connection system makes installation easy. mark the trench lines for the mower strip. dig the trench. lay down the mower strip on a firm sand base. install the plastic lawn edging.

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string trimmer line step 1: mow. step 2: treat. step 3: choose a trimmer. step 4: edge the perimeter. step 5: shrubs and bushes. step 6: lawn edging maintenance.

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lawn edging ideas plastic and metal lawn edging. there are many ready made products on the market for lawn edges, such as solid plastic or metal edging sold in short lengths - great for strht lines, but not suitable for a wavy edged lawn. try and sink the lawn edging down as low as you can, this will make mowing and trimming the grass far easier at the lawn edge.

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how lawn edging works. before you install any edging, cut a clean edge between your lawn and flowerbeds or any other area you're edging to delineate the border. you can use a marker, such as a flat piece of wood, string, or garden hose to map out the borders of your flowerbeds or whatever area you're edging .