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i have built 2 homes with structural insulated roof panels made by raycore. sips have a reputation for being expensive, but i found the raycore panels to be very affordable and extremely efficient. i would recommend them to anyone using an exposed beam style roof system.

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ray-core structural insulated wall panels will give you a strong, super-insulated, airtight shell, keeping the outdoor elements out and the indoor conditioning in. extremely affordable, when you use raycore sip wall panels you will be able to downsize your heating and cooling system, reducing the cost and possibly saving as much as the cost of the panels.

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how much less do they cost? it's hard to believe they'd be less. are you factoring everything in? i mean with sips, you can have all the chases precut, and sips are designed pre-engineered to reduce labor and increase speed.

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ray core panels have the studs molded into the panels already and it would not make sense to cut them up and put them between a previously studded wall. this completed project does not have any similarity in appearance to the framed ray core walls in the homes built for me.

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ray-core sip panels are changing the way you build, with r-values up to 52. ray-core structural insulated panels make 'green building' smart and easy

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ray-core does not apply osb sheathing to their panels. best practices require that it be applied on at the job site. benefits include a lighter, easier to handle panel, and a substantial reduction in panel and shipping costs, and a reduction in labor costs.

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ray-core sips ahead of his time and before 'green' was the buzzword, harry conceived and developed ray-core sips panels in 1987. raycore offers the most innovative, unique and structurally reliable structural insulated panels sips in the industry, by manufacturing sips with studs molded directly into the panels.

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forums > green building forums > green/energy-efficient building and construction. raycore panels. am getting prices for a few configurations, will post the numbers. you can reach high r values by using the 2x8 staggered stud ray core panels.

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ray-core insulated roofing panels are a low-cost win-win solution for large commercial roof projects, providing a competitive solution to offer a bid that cannot be beat and increasing the builder's bottom line at the completion of the project. the raycore insulated roof panels can be used on an engineered truss roof.

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raycore structural insulated panels are the green building solution. building a new home? do you really understand r-values. learn more here. ray-core sips truly is the superior sips panels on the

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raycore's structural insulated roof panels and insulated wall panels sips are not a sandwich panel sip that consists of two sheets of osb, glued to a solid foam core. ray-core sips are far superior - eliminating all the problems associated with traditional sandwich panel sips.

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this post may seem a bit long for a blog, but this has been written in reply to a comment made by containerbuilder found here . getting a strht answer relating to sip panels price per square foot cost from sip manufacturers it would be very easy to publish the cost for a typical panel system

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jens and kevin were so excited to work with ray-core's sip panels they wanted to share thier experience by producing this video. thanks jens and kevin for sharing category

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this brilliant panel coupled with jobsite materials; rafters for roofs, double top plates, single bottom plate, headers, king studs, and trimmers for walls will meet all local standard building codes. learn more about raycore sips roof panels or sips wall panels. can i build with ray-core sips panels?

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ray-core panels have an r value of 7 per inch of thickness, fantazier said. that's despite a slight disadvantage in price. the panels cost about 1 percent more than traditional building

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acme panel is your best source for structural insulated panels acme panel manufactures and distributes structural insulated panels used to make better buildings at reasonable prices. our buildings use 50% less energy for heating and cooling. this saves you money on utilities and eliminates millions of pounds of harmful emissions from the

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i am just wondering if anyone has had experience with ray-core and the more typical osb-sided sip panels? i have built with premier before and have a client that is considering it or ray-core. he is leaning towards ray-core primarily because of the substantially greater r-value. and they use less material or do they?

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raycore structural insulated panels sips are the better sip panel. raycore sips, not a sandwich panel sip, are the insulated panels with studs, highly insulating closed cell polyurethane foam and wrapped in a radiant barrier. raycore is the largest manufacturer of structural insulated panels in a single location. see why

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structural insulated panels costs are way out of whack and contractors looking to build with sip panels fear the price and hidden costs are too high. were with you after all, if you dont benefit, why use them? if you have already investigated this, then you know that sips can be a bit pricey actually, they are very pricey.

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raycore's 5 1/2 inch panel is almost twice the r-value and could be half the price of the sandwich panel sip. sandwich panels are competing with other insultations and types of panels. these types of panels are generally 2 to 3 times more expensive than other insulations. the thinner the panel, the lower the price.