plastic lumber with no wood fillers

are wood filler and plastic wood same thing? - the pegbox

"are wood filler and plastic wood same thing?" no. wood filler is anything used to fill holes in wood. plastic wood is a trade name for one brand of wood filler. there are many other types and brands of wood filler.

faq's plastic lumber yard pergola kits vinyl fence

is this a mix of plastic and wood? our plastic dimensional lumber is made with hdpe plastic and no wood. there are several brands that are made with varying types of wood or saw dust. prior to setting up our manufacturing in 1996 ( we started as distributors in 1990), we did a lot of research on product composition.

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junior’s cakes are made with cream cheese, heavy cream, eggs, and a touch of vanilla. with no water and no fillers, all cheesecakes are hand-blended in small batches and mixed for over 40 minutes. they use fresh fruit, homemade purees, imported chocolates, and fresh spices. nothing canned. ever. the cake is shipped frozen, chilled with gel packs.

5 recycled plastic lumber misconceptions bedford technology

another misconception about bedford technology plastic lumber products is that it contains fillers. fillers, like wood flour or mineral fillers, are particles that are often added to lower the consumption of more expensive material, in this case plastic. fillers can decrease density, strength and durability of the material.

seven trust grade plastic trim boards pvc trim boards

because seven trust grade plastic trim boards are 100% pvc and contain no organic material or wood fillers, they are impervious to the internal breakdown most composites face.with proper installation and minimal maintenance, you’ll never have to worry about mold, mildew, insects or degradation.