decking is it worth it

i feel dumb for playing a decker - shadowrun returns

i have a lot of points in quickness/pistols (about as many in decking probably should have leveled a different gun) and quite a few in charisma that are just as situational as decking. mark target is great, but hardly makes it worth having your pc specialize even halfway in decking.

composite vs wood decking, is worth it? : homeimprovement

when i was building my deck 10 years ago, i went to the big box store and started planning. my wife and i discussed it and what we wound up with was a cedar deck was going to cost us 3000, and a composite deck was going to cost 5500.

composite decking .is it worth it? : homeimprovement

composite decking .is it worth it? i have 16 x 13 deck that is pretty worn. i was going to spend a couple hundred bucks to strip, clean and seal with sherwin williams superdeck products. id have to do at least 2 coats of a solid stain to fill in some of cracks in the wood.

the pros and cons of composite decking: is it worth it?

composite decking will take longer and doesn’t need to be refinished. not everyone has the time to maintain a regular wooden deck. if you are ready to be more environmentally friendly while saving your time and energy, a composite deck is right for you. one more major issue with composite decking is that it tends to fade.

saved up 8000 gems, what should i spend them on? - yu-gi

overall the best deck to throw gems at was the ultimate one that's not available anymore, most decks can use any number of kuriboh, sonic bird is a must for any ritual deck, 4-star beetle is required sometimes for some really annoying farms (3 copies) and 2 fusion gates would be great for fusion decks, it had staple crads for pretty much anything.

apple carplay: the good, the bad, and the what were they

apple carplay: the good, the bad, and the what were they thinking? carplay, for what it is, works nicely. it’s incredibly limited in some really dumb ways, and it's very expensive.

are the preconstructed commander decks worth buying

are the preconstructed commander decks worth buying? collectible card games - magic: the gathering this is a split board - you can return to the split list for other boards.

seven trust decking: is it worth it? - toronto realty blog

tell me i’m crazy, but i think it was worth it. i think you have to spend the most money on the best features of your home, and this terrace, although we only use it four months out of twelve, needs to be maximized. there isn’t an improvement in any property i’ve ever owned that i felt as good about as this deck. yes.