how to reinforce a porch floor

how to reinforce a porch roof against wind damage today

how to reinforce a porch roof against wind damage. custom steel column posts that were fabricated on the jobsite, then bolted to the concrete slab and support beams for added security. hurricane straps and metal saddle hangers to attach the ceiling joists and rafters to the support beams. covering the ceiling with 1/2 plywood to prevent racking. watch this video to find out more.

how to repair a load bearing post

make sure the jack is perfectly plumb and sits solidly level on the boards. if you have a concrete floor less than 2 in. thick, ask the engineer if you should substitute thicker lumber to prevent floor cracking. check along the cut edge of the concrete floor for voids that would collapse under lifting pressure.

how to fix your bouncy floors this old house

for sistering, cut ¾-inch plywood into long strips the same width as the joist's web. glue them to both sides of the web and nail with 4d or 6d nails. make sure to stagger the end joints on either side of the web. the more layers of plywood, the stiffer the joist, but it's time-consuming and costly.

5 ways to paint a porch floor this old house

broad bands. to soften the look of a porch bound in brick, carter united the floor and walls with a base coat of gray-tinted exterior stain. adding wide bands of stain in a contrasting color on the floor adds definition to the space, carter says. and because the bands cut across the floors horizontal grout lines,

how to raise an uneven or sloping deck

how to raise an uneven or sloping deck - home repairs gregvancom. loading unsubscribe from gregvancom? 3 porch conversion video - duration: 7:29. mrkistel 229,400 views.

how to fix sagging floors

thre ways to fix a sagging or sloping floor. add reinforcing metal: depending upon the conditions, it is possible to strengthen or repair existing framing members, such as floor joists or roof rafters, by adding reinforcing material.sandwiching the member on either side with plywood is sometimes worthwhile, but the plywood must be installed correctly for greatest strength.

sagging porch foundation repair with helical piers

front door out of alignment. the sinking porch foundation causes the roof to sag, pulling out and down on the front wall. the stress caused the door frame to move out of square as evidenced by the gap above the door. i originally thought the door was sagging and adjusted the hinges.

how to reinforce roof framing engineering and building

this video will provide you with a few methods that might allow you to reinforce an existing roof structure to strengthen it by adding a few braces, purlins, beams, ceiling joist, extra rafters

how to reinforce a porch floor

reinforce porch floor to support firewood . reinforce porch floor to support firewood. make an old deck safe - fine homebuilding. sep 12, 2013 three days' work and $600 in materials save this deck from a i used the american wood council's prescriptive residential wood deck the footings, brace the deck with temporary support columns.

how to fix sagging floors

be suspicious of wood posts set on dirt floors or wood posts with concrete poured around the post bases. as the posts slowly rot and melt into the floor, the house settles accordingly, bottom to top. as a test, firmly push a metal probe or screwdriver into the post at the floor line.

how to level an existing porch with concrete supports

if the level indicates that the porch is too high in front, jack up the porch slightly, remove the vertical support beam and cut 1/2 inch off at a time and recheck until it's level in front. 6. walk around the perimeter of the porch, checking it with the level. note any other places that are not level.

how to reinforce a deck for a hot tub

deck reinforced. for demonstration purposes only. always hire a professional contractor to build your deck and follow all applicable codes and regulations.

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the porch wraps around 2 sides of the house, and has sagged in one corner and side over the years. the floor is noticeably sloped in that area, the screen door doesn't sit square, and the porch roof support members have pulled away by 1-2 inches from their original attachment point on the outside of the house.

how to reinforce my wooden deck hunker

time and weather can wear down wooden decks fairly quickly. a deck that seems sturdy initially may start to sag or wobble after a few years. the primary cause of instability in an older deck is a lack of support columns and beams.

lifting up a sagging floor diy old house crazy

it might. id suggest looking at the joists under your floor and then get into the attic and check the roof structure, looking for sagging or other abnormalities. if the floor is sagging, bit there is no noticeable snagging in the roof, it could just be the floor. if unsure, have a pro come out and inspect it and give you pointers.

how to make structural repairs by sistering floor joists

if youre concerned about the structural integrity of sagging, cracked or twisted joists in your house, first call in a structural engineer to inspect the floor and recommend strengthening measures thatll take out the sags and bring the framing up to code search online or for engineers, structural in the yellow pages .

how to repair a damaged carrying beam ask this old house

screw the metal plates to the beam and to the floor with the appropriate screws. 7. to repair damaged beams, locate a local welder or metal shop and request angle iron, cut and drilled to the