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take your outdoor space from drab to fab with new outdoor flooring for your balcony or terrace. one day installation schedule a free consultation today. we have the thickest wooden deck tiles on the north american market 33 mm our eco arbor wooden deck tiles are low maintenance and protected with a 10 year warranty.

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tropical balcony in hawaii with a roof extension. stunning inner-city balcony is transformed into a stylish contemporary garden. featuring bench seating, floating timber decks and balcony friendly pots and plants. for the modern home. yuccas require very little water and can handle plenty of neglect. they may not provide the thickest of

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4 key considerations for a roof deck with tiles. it is important to remember that it is not just the thickness of your tiles to consider. before your tiles go down, there is a whole assembly to consider which can include substrate additions, anti-fracture membranes, waterproofing membranes and thin-set mortar.

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building offsets are common and create intersecting planes that contribute to drainage issues for low-slope applications. design professionals frequently specify the minimum code-permitted slope with little, if any, consideration of the resultant valley slope created by the intersecting planes figure 1 .ponding water is commonly observed at valley intersections for low-slope roof and deck

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i recommend using the thickest membrane you use care when sealing the seams. tip: use a single sheet of membrane if possible in order to avoid having any seams. on this project we installed an edpm rubber membrane over the top of the roof deck and installed it up the side wall of the house, 18 to 22 inches. framing the roof deck:

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spray-on/paint-on roofs. there are two main types: 1. spray foam insulation sprayed directly onto the roof deck and then coated with acrylic or urethane coating, as well as a layer of crushed stones/sand.. 2. roof coatings manufactured for existing roofs and used to extend their service life by 10-15 years . they are typically installed on top of single ply, modified or low slope metal roofs.

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rebuilding a rotted deck on a flat roof. decks, outdoor living, porches and gazebos may 22, 2013 sonia. using a tapered sloped insulation system. i recommend using the thickest membrane and carefully sealing the seams. on this project we installed the epmd rubber membrane over the roof deck and up the side wall of the house, 18 to 22 inches.

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that is one of the problems. we build decks or balconies like they should be vented but dont vent them. i think it is pretty dumb to vent a deck, so that means we have to construct them following the rules of unvented roof assemblies. when a roof is constructed to be unvented, it must be designed to control condensation.