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expanded metal fencing : expanded metal used in fencing has the propety of high strenghth, durality, beatiful appearance, wide view, easy for maintenance, and it can be produced in a multitude of pattern sizes, of conventional diamond pattern and decorative patterns to suit the application, and is easily adapted to fit on either existing frame support systems, or custom-made design systems.

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we produce many types of steel wire fence and expanded metal fence for security and defending. the welded wire fencing is the most popular one,the surface can be pvc coated,pvc sprayed/painted,hot galvanized.usually,the wire diameter can be 4-6mm and the opening can be customized.

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a metal railing is built, sandblasted, powder coated and installed; the garage walls and ceiling are paneled. a tall cedar privacy fence is taken down, the lumber re-milled and a picket fence

expanded metal isolation fence for dividing areas

the expanded metal isolation fences are widely used in the factories and municipal constructions. expanded metal isolation fence is commonly made of galvanized or pvc coated surface steel metal sheet. the pvc coated expanded metal sheet can suit surrounding environments and make it more colorful.

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pvc coating is relatively low in cost, resilient, corrosion resistant, and has good insulating properties. pvc mesh uses range from machine guarding and architectural fencing to both salt & fresh water trap applications. direct metals carries pvc coated wire mesh in a variety of materials including carbon steel and galvanized steel.

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expanded metal, both standard and flattened, are suitable for being a fencing guard for its unique features of uniform structure and rigidity. the picture right emf-01 shows our rigid galvanized expanded metal used as fence. if corrosion resistant ability is extremely significant for your places, green or black pvc coated fence could be offered.

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