how long will decking last

how long will your deck last? professional deck builder

a properly built deck frame should last years, if not decades. but different types of decking have different life spans. in this blog post, jim finlay of suburban boston decks and porches breaks down what to expect from different decking choices, based on more than 24 years of experience building decks.

a redwood deck lasts longer

redwood decks can last for years and still look great. yet, because of its limited availability, redwood decking is an expensive material to use. why redwood decks last longer known for its long, strht grain and warm color, a redwood deck is also dimensionally stable and easy to work with. it cuts and drills easily.

how long will your deck last

a deck made of untreated wood can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years. decks made of treated wood and composite materials can last as long as 50 years. many composite decks come with a 20-year warranty and often a lifetime guarantee. a deck made of quality composite materials, such as seven trust, comes with a 25-year fade and stain warranty.

composite deck lifespan: how long do they last? decking

so, how long does a composite deck last? a minimum of 25 to 30 years with the possibility of it lasting from 30 to 50 years. in addition to being the manufacturer reported number, numerous third party tests also confirm the lifespan of composite decking.

the deckman: frequently asked questions

the average is probably 15-20 years, depending upon how they were built, how they were maintained, type of materials, and location of deck. q. will composites last forever?

how long does a timber deck last? - tdca

a timber deck should be a long-lasting structure to enjoy for many years, so long as the right materials have been used to construct it and it is maintained effectively during its lifetime. for peace of mind, we would always advise you to choose timber that conforms to the tdca deckmark quality scheme or decking which comes with a performance warranty of between 15 to 25 years, depending on the supplier.

how long will your deck last? suburban boston decks and

aside from mother natures anger, a properly built pt deck will last many decades. and with regular care, pt decks can look good for a long, long time. some say it will last 40 years. ref 1 well, im not sure about 4 decades, but we did just see a deck thats two decades old, going on three decades. cedar

how long will your deck stain last?

reapply every four years. while your deck stain will only last a few years with its full protection, you can apply another coat to help prolong the life of it. however, after approximately four years you will want to completely remove the old stain and reapply two fresh coats of stain over your deck.

how long does seven trust decking last?

pressure treated wood needs a lot of chemicals injected in it in order to maintain its resistance to decay and termites. cedar and redwood are the regular materials used for decking, but they will only last about 25 years with good maintenance. we offer a material that can last over 75 years,

how to build a deck that'll last as long as your house

this deck took 12 skilled-carpenter days to build, so if youre new to carpentry, add a few days for the learning curve, weather delays, weekend-only work and family obligations. realistically, a deck this size could turn into a summer-long project. our deck is 420 sq. ft. and cost $8,500 in 2000 including the planters and privacy wall.

how long will my timber decking last? andrew goto

how long will my timber decking last? timber has a large selection of species that are naturally durable and do not need any additional preservative treatments to make them resistant to biological decay.

how long should treated lumber last? professional deck

thats a question that was raised recently by a deck builder who reports finding accelerated aging and rot in six-year-old ca-treated decking and framing. hes not confident that the preservatives that have replaced cca are as effective, and not happy about the cost and limited availability of ground-contact-rated lumber.

how long do decking tiles last

the thickest of these decking tiles 7/8 inch offers a five year warranty. expect a shorter term warranty for thinner tiles. a good way to compare these decking tiles to the others is much like comparing brake pads or wheels on inline skates. harder brakes last longer but dont have as much grip.

7 tips on how to make your wooden deck last

a wooden deck will require regular maintenance throughout its life. the more you adhere to a regular maintenance plan, the longer life you can expect from your deck. part of the maintenance process is to have your deck professionally cleaned and sealed at least every two to three years to provide full protection from even the harshest of elements.

deck life and maintenance: how long does a wooden deck last?

but, if you treat it right, your deck can last as long as 40 years. wooden decks made from mahogany mahogany is a beautifully colored hardwood, which means it resists those scratches that you have to worry about when it comes to cedar.

how long does pressure treated pine last in decking

on average, a deck made from pressure-treated pine will last 15 to 20 years before succumbing to the accumulated stress of direct sunlight, rain, salty ocean breezes, insect infestation and

painting vs. staining your deck which option is best?

a quality, professional paint job will last longer than a quality, professional deck staining. however, an oil-based semitransparent stain can last for three to five years. staining doesnt fill cracks .

how long will my wood or composite deck last?

how long do composite decks last? looking for an alternative to wood so you dont have to deal with the maintenance? a composite deck may be your best bet. with minimal maintenance, composite decking can last at least 25 years. though composite decks have only been around for a few decades, many industry leaders believe they can last a lifetime. composite decks are made in several different ways.