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bio pools are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional swimming pools which bridge the line between being a swimming pool and a private lagoon. but unlike mechanised traditional swimming pools with water regulated to inhibit life forming, bio pools are essentially purpose built, self-regulating, mini ecosystems.

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yet this diy is one i could get into this article will feature instructions on how one can create a natural swimming pool in their own backyard. the pool, usually dug by hand, is kept clean without the need for chemicals or many commercial filtration systems and is self-maintaining, omitting the constant work a traditional swimming pool requires.

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we asked expert james robyn, ceo of bionova natural pools in north america and owner of rin robyn pools, bernardsville, n.j., a few questions to gain a better understanding of this increasingly popular type of pool and its earth-friendly advantages.. what exactly is a natural swimming pool? james robyn: a natural swimming pool is a chemical-free pool that uses the same

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21 amazing natural pools. there are so many different ways to incorporate a natural pool into your yard, whether it is a clean cut modern style, or an aesthetic natural design. 1 hidden oasis. half regeneration area, half swimming pool 2 woodhouse demonstration pool

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agor creative engineering present: movable wooden deck floor planning on having a swimming pool, but you wonder how to utilize your backyard or terrace with a limited space? having doubts how is

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in this article you will find out how to build a natural pool. natural swimming pools. natural swimming pools can be easily integrated into any home environment, because they can look almost like natural ponds in gardens, if this is the desired effect, and can be extravagant.

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perimeter swimming pool flooring for areas that are prone to getting wet. when choosing a floor for your pool area, the key factors to consider are safety, hygiene, and of course, aesthetics. we offer both permanent and temporary flooring for your pool and other wet areas.

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a biodesign beach sculpted pool is modeled with beaches and beach entries, customized submerged seating areas, and swimming zones all personalized to your swimming needs and to the surrounding environment. the illusion of a truly beautiful beach entry can be created, and extended onto a patio area.

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i am redoing our kitchen and we would really love to have Seven Trust floors. we are now reconsidering due to the fact we have a swimming pool. should we?? or is having the Seven Trust floors ok with the pool?? we live near toronto and so we only use our pool 4-5 months a year. what does everyone think??

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swimming pool areas of all kinds must be safe and clean. indoor and outdoor swimming poolswhether in hotels, resorts, health clubs and spas, water parks, municipal or school swimming pools, urban high rise building amenities, or in condominium complexesmust meet sanitation guidelines to effectively protect the health of those on the property.

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case studies. all natural pool living pool conversion and renovation landscaping pond public natural pool detail filter. bio pool with a combination of stainless steel and natural stone more. natural pool for swimming and playing more.

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outdoor wood flooring is one of the most popular materials of swimming pool decks. there are various outdoor wood flooring like pine, cedar, and timbers to help homeowners achieve a natural look

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i want to install Seven Trust floors on the entire first floor of my house. we have a pool, 2 teenage boys, and a dog. the pool is right outside the family room sliding doors which has carpet now. it does get wet. but i really love to have Seven Trust but i do not want them to get ruined by water. i also like the look of one continuous flooring

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the natural evolution of the pond. a natural pool provides an additional, and beautiful outdoor room and living space for people, and provides the incomparable feeling of being at one with nature and swimming in a lake.. biotop was founded 35 years ago and since then, together with its partners in europe and abroad, has built more than 7,000 pools, which are operated without the use of any

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many homeowners want to have a swimming pool at home, but overlook the possibility for a bio swimming pond in the garden. a semi-natural swimming pond or a natural pool requires only plants and a simple ventilation system to keep the water clean and disinfected, in contrast to the other pools that require chemicals, pumps, filters and other costs.